Lyle, Wa


Lyle Washington is one of our other Kiteboard lesson locations.

Located 9 miles East of Hood river, it offers shallow water, open beach and a nice sandbar for rigging. Water is shallow for a 100 yards out. Only drawback is it is a on shore wind like Hood River, but you can easily walk far a away from the beach giving you plenty of room to ride. On a average day there may be 30 people out.

CONSIDERATIONS: Several underwater logs that are good at stubbing toes. Water level changes daily. Check this website for water levels: USGS CURRENT CONDITIONS

If the water level is Over 77 feet, The sandbar is under water and there is no Beach to setup your gear on. You want 77 feet or below water levels.

DIRECTIONS: Take the bridge in Hood River to Bingen and turn Right (east). Head East for 9 miles and before you cross a bridge into the town of Lyle, Park in the gravel parking lot on your left. BE CAREFUL CROSSING THE HIGHWAY OR THE RAIL ROAD TRACKS, VERY DANGEROUS. Also making a left turn into this parking lot is high risk for being rear ended. Is on a blind corner with a 60 mph speed limit so be careful. You can always go into town and turn around and head back over the bridge to turn into parking lot and avoid high speed highway traffic.