Kite Spots

Here is a list of places were you can Kiteboard.  If you know of any other spots and wish to share please do.

Jones Beach

Jones Beach

river front rd
Clatskanie, Or
United States
The beach is pretty much wide open. Watch for fishermen! Other than that, wherever you setup you are not likely to interfere with anyone. However, there are some things to consider: the beach is popular with ATV users. Be careful not to leave your lines extended from your kite since ATV riders might just run over them. As a very minimum safety precaution after rigging drag your bar back to the kite and tidy your lines so they are not scattered around the area.

From Portland take US Highway 30 east, or I5 North toward Longview. If going by I5, cross to Oregon in Longview (I5 exit 36). Follow US HWY 30 6 miles past Clatskanie. You will see the yellow blinking traffic light at an intersection with a brown sign saying Jones beach with a windsurfer picture. Take a right turn there (Woodson RD) go over bridge turn right (there is a brown sign pointing right saying Jones Beach, and follow the road for about a mile till the road comes to a "T" and turn right on River Front RD. Follow the road about a half mile and on the left there is a entrance to a paved parking lot. Once you are close to the beach area, you have two options. If you don't have a 4x4, follow the road to the parking area. Park there and walk with your gear the river (area A). If you drive 4x4, you can enter the sand and drive all the way to the river bank. The most upwind location (West End) is well suited for beginners. You'll have a lot of the sandy beach downwind of you to bail out and walk back plus the little bat has a shallow end to it.

1 1/2 miles out of Clatskanie just past the cliffs turn right on Point Adams road. Follow it (turns into River Front Rd) for 4-5 miles along the river and Jones Beach entrance is on your Right. Large paved parking lot. Unless you have 4x4 stay on the pavement or YOU WILL GET STUCK. Walk to shore and go Kiteboard.

Both options will get you there in ruffly the same amount of time. Take your pick. The most common entrance is the 1st set of directions but I always use option 2. Personal preference.

Willow Grove County Park

willow grove road
longview, wa
United States

Kalama Park

250 hendrickson dr
Kalama, Wa
United States
Great North wind spot, Not a beginner beach!! Difficult launch with lots of fisherman and people. Be careful of your surroundings. Other than that, When it blows it is freakin Awsome!! Slow currents, flat water on the south end and bueatiful woman on the beach. Plus its one of the few spots to fire on a North wind. Can't be beat.

End of the World parking lot

10 12th st
seaside, or
United States
Awsome winter spot! Can do long downwinders, go in the bay at high tide for butter smooth water. One of my favorite west and south wind kiteboarding spots in Seaside on on the Oregon Coast. Great for begginners, tons of room. Go to the very end of 12th st, parking lot and bathrooms on your right. Great for changes on those cold days.

Lot B at Fort Stevens State Park South Jetty

lot B jetty rd
hammond, or
United States
Where everybody meets for those great 3 mile downwinders of Summer North Winds.