If you are a beginner or still new to Kiteboarding it can get a little confusing.  Their is alot of information out there to learn and it can take alot of time searching over the web to find it.  WELL NO LONGER!! We did it for YOU!!!

Here you will find useful articles about Kiteboarding rules, how to use your gear, the basics of kiteboarding and important safety issues.  If your new to Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing then Please take a moment and look over these articles.  Safety in our sport is extremely important and alot of times taken for granted until its too late.

We Extremely Recommend Kiteboarding Lessons!!  They will make your transition into the sport smooth, decrease your learning curve and make you and everyone else around you safer!  Kites have a HUGE amount of POWER, Never forget that.  Enjoy and Ride Safe........