One Method of Self Landing Your Kite

Almost everyone knows how to self launch their kite, but how many people can self land their kite? It's actually pretty easy and it's an essential skill that every kiteboarder must have.


To self land your kite, follow these simple steps (and download the video clip) :


1) Hold the kite at about 45 degrees, as you would normally when someone is about to catch your kite.




2) Unhook.



3) Grab hold of your leash line. Make sure that your leash is attached to the top of your kite. If not, you'll have to land your kite in the opposite direction. This is essential to landing your kite successfully.



4) Dive the kite towards the ground., and then let go of the bar, while holding on to your leash.




5) Let go of the bar, but don't let go of the leash.



6) With a little bit of practice your kite should land perfectly everytime.



Immediately run towards your kite, and secure it properly. (Do not run over your lines.)