How to Rig Your Kite

1.)  Secure your kite with sand and rig your lines upwind of your kite. Your kite will be downwind of your lines. This method is safer than rigging your lines downwind of your kite.

If you rig your lines downwind of your kite you have to rig your lines the other side around and flip your bar around. When you are ready to launch your kite, you have to flip your bar around again. That method is considered dangerous, as it is confusing, and many people forget to flip their bar around before launching the kite.

By rigging your lines upwind of your kite you don't have to worry about flipping your bar around and getting confused about which line goes to what side.


2.)  Put your two outside lines on the outside of your kite and put your two middle lines undeneath your kite. 

3.)  Connect your outside line to the trailing edge of the kite.

4.)  Connect your middle line (the line that's underneath your kite) to the leading edge of the kite.


5.)  Make sure that your middle line is connected to the leading edge of your kite, and that your outside line is connected to the trailing edge of your kite. Once that is done, repeat steps 3 and 4 to connect your other middle and outside lines to the other side of the kite. 


6.)  Once you've made sure that all your lines are connected properly, simply move your lines into the launch position, and ask a helper to launch the kite for you.





A few simple points to remember will clear up a few things :

1) Make sure your kite is secured with sand.

2) As soon as you are ready to move into launch position with your lines, hook your safety leash in, but do not hook your loop in. If something goes wrong your kite will depower without any power, even if your kite is in the power zone and downwind of you.

3) Only once you are in position give your helper the go ahead to pick up your kite. Once your helper has picked up the kite you can hook the loop in.

4) Once all seems ok give your helper the final signal and launch the kite.