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There’s lots of cool stuff out there on the web, so we’d like to share some of our favorites with you.

Take a look of some of the useful websites we love. Don’t be afraid to click on them and see what they have to offer!

CGKA - Columbia Gorge Kiteboarding Association

The Columbia Gorge Kiteboarding Association represents the kiteboarders of the Gorge and is dedicated to the preservation and improvement of safe kiteboarding access to the Columbia River.

NW Kiteboard Forum

NWkite is the most popular forum in the NorthWest. Lots of great information or ask a question.

Kite weather forcasts is the #1 place to get a on-site weather report for your favorite spots.   Is a must site for every kiteboarder.

Kalama Wa. Weather

Great source for up to the minute weather for Kalama Washington.  Kalama canget some great steady winds with smaller swell.  Is great for charging and jumping without fighting chop.

Longview Willow Grove Wind condition

This Wind meter is great for Prescott beach in Rainer Oregon  as well as a new kitespot I found this year right across from this meter on the Oregon side.  Thanks to dredge spoils we now have a awsome new kite beach!!!This Meter will give you a general idea of Willow Grove but a good rule of thumb is to minus 3kts due to the bend in the river and the island shelter.

Local Kite Spots with maps for Or. and Wa.

Find the local kite spots with google maps and directions for Oregon and Washington. 

Local Kite Spots, Maps, Wind and Information

the growing community based kite sports site. LocalKiteSpots offers dedicated wind riders an on-line forum for finding and sharing local expertise in the best kite surfing spots in North America.

Current Wind free site

Wind on the Water is a great free resource for wind conditions anywhere in the World.   Has the most wind meters of any site for the Columbia River and Oregon Coast. 

Temira's Wind Forcast

Wind Forcast for the Gorge,  She does this as a hobby but is suprisongly accurate.  Better than the pros..

Wind and Kiteboarding Locations

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