Kiteboarding, Kiteboarding Lessons in Hood River, Oregon

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Professional Air Sports Association

Columbia Gorge Kiteboarding Association



Kiteboarding, Kiteboarding Lessons in Hood River, OR

Have Fun

            While Taking Our Kiteboarding Lessons

Learn how to kiteboard like a pro when you take kiteboarding lessons from our Professional PASA certified Kiteboard Instructors.

ALL OUR KITEBOARD INSTRUCTORS ARE PASA CERTIFIED!   That means you are getting the best trained and qualified Instruction from Professionals who strive to help create independent, successful and safe riders. Your best interest and Safety is our priority.

An experienced instructor will have knowledge, patience, and an ability to communicate so you have confidence during your kiting experience.

Contact Us to begin learning a new addicting sport by taking our kiteboarding lessons.

About Our Lessons:

Our PASA kiteboarding instructors use proven teaching methods and we teach you a variety of techniques that will get you on the water riding in no time.  We can take you from "Wanting To Kiteboard" and turn you into a "KITEBOARDER".

Start with a 1 Day Course or go big with a "Zero to Hero" 2 Day Course and really get yourself really riding while saving yourself a few bucks in the process.  





10 Reasons Why You Should Take Lessons: 
 1. Safety:  Proper Lessons Make Kiteboarding a Safer Experience for Yourself and Those around You
 2. Your Learning Experience: Quickest Way to Get on the Water is to Take Our Kiteboarding Lessons
 3. Money: Use Our Equipment for Lessons to Make Sure This is the Right Sport for You.
 4. Trash Someone Else's Gear: Use School Equipment instead of Damaging Your New Equipment
 5. Meet Other Kiteboarders: Our Kiteboarding Lessons Allow You to Meet Others That You Can Practice with
 6. Get Cheaper Gear: Great Beginner Packages with Discounts on Equipment
 7. Knowledge: Kiteboarding Lessons Teach You Valuable Knowledge
 8. Learn in Safe Conditions: You will Learn at a Beginner-Safe Beach
 9. Try out Different Gear: Try Out Our Gear before Purchasing Your Own
10. Peace of Mind: With Our Kiteboarding Lessons a instructor is there to help at All Times

Call us today at 503) 791-7372

Serving Longview Washington, Kalama Wa, Hood River and on the Oregon Coast we give kite lessons in Seaside, Astoria, Cannon Beach, Longbeach, Manzanita, Portland, Olympia, Vancouver and also Fort Stevens State Park in Warrenton Oregon.

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