We know there are alot of Kites, Boards and brands out there.  It can get a little confusing.  Especially for people newer to the sport.  So here at Air Pirates Kiteboarding we wanted to take out some of the guess work and provide you with some useful information to help you decide what gear is best for you.   Enjoy!!

12 May 2012    2012 F-One Bandit 5 consumer reviews
13 May 2011    F-ONE BANDIT 4 7m and 11m

 The F-One Bandit is a real standout in the unhooked, and powered freestyle category.

13 May 2011    2011 EPIC Renegade

 The SBC Kiteboard test team ranked the Epic Renegade as the best relaunching kite. (Head-to-head Surf Test, Issue 12.1)


22 Mar 2011    F-one Bandit 4 Kite Review
11 Jan 2011    2011 F-one Kiteboarding gear Preview
11 Jan 2011    2011 Epic Kiteboarding Gear Preview
11 Jan 2011    2011 EPIC Screamer LTD Review
28 Jan 2010    Bandit III test report

The first thing you notice when you are standing on the beach is the stability. It just doesn’t fall out of the air. I had the kite several times above me in gusty/unstable wind and the kite flew far over my head. Not a single time the kite dropped out of the sky. It just fly’s backwards, back into the wind-window and catches power again. Even after I missed a high handlepass and I dangled down on my leash into the water. The same thing but now even more extreme; the kite fly’s over my head, the lines are completely slacked (no more tension on the lines) and I stay underwater with my arms protecting my head, afraid the kite falls out of the sky and the lines are all around me. The kite slowly floats back into the wind-window and stays in the air.

28 Jan 2010    F-One Bandit 3 Review 2010

One of the best looking kites out there in terms of graphics and attention to detail. Happy to perform with whatever conditions or style of riding you throw at it the Bandit III looks set to have another stellar year.

28 Jan 2010    2010 F-One Bandit 3 Review

For freestyle performance the kite is smooth and is easily trimmed to be super stable when unhooked. Wave performance is also excellent; the kite is easily depowered and parked for down-the-line performance or sheeted-in and turned hard in less-than-ideal wave conditions.