2 Hour Beginner's 1st Water Lesson

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This is the next step in our lesson plan after the Ground School class. This is your first water lesson and builds on the core fundamentals of kite boarding while building your confidence.


All our Kiteboarding Instructors are PASA Certified. That means you are getting the best trained and qualified Instruction from Professionals who strive to help create independent, successful and safe riders. Your best interest and Safety is a priority. An experienced instructor will have knowledge, patience, and an ability to communicate so you have confidence during your kiting experience.

Boat Support is available if you choose for an additional $20 an hour.

In The Water Beginner Basics step 1: 

• Kite Flying & Power/De-Power Full Size Kite
• Equipment and Terminology
• Kite Safety Systems
• Self-Rescue Techniques
• Water Re-Launching the Kite
 • Assisted Launch & Landing the Kite
• How to drag back to your board back after a crash
• Perform Self-Rescue so you can return to shore safely
• Safety, Safety, and More Safety in Every Lesson
* How to power stroke the kite so you can get up and ride on a kiteboard

You will learn the safety systems and common safety issues, how to setup and rig the kite, launching and landing the kite safely assisted by instructor, the wind window and how it applies, power strokes to get up and riding on a board, water relaunching the kite after a crash, one handed flying, body dragging up wind too get your kiteboard back after crashing and 2 methods of self rescue techniques that can save your life and your gear. 
Learn how to launch and land the kite before heading into the water and using the kite to turn your body into a rudder and sail up wind to get your board back after crashing. We also cover kite control with one hand flying and how to get up on a kteboard and riding. We aim to build confidence by teaching you solid fundamentals and good flying habits. Many students get far enough first lesson to work on board starts and even get up and riding on a board. 

Our Instructors can talk to you while your in the water with our Radio Helmets. 

Once riding and later staying upwind, the learning curve accelerates VERY quickly. Many of our students who do 4 or more lessons finish with their first summer with jumps, riding toe side and transitions without stopping or even spray water carving in turns.

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