Ground Class Intro into Kiteboarding

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Kiteboarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world, and for good reasons. The freedom of jumping 10, 20ft off the water and sailing through the air like a parachute, without the necessity of a wave for a ramp, means that people can go home to a lake, river or snow covered hills and still fly through the air. Who knows, it may not be too long before you find yourself cruising the ocean with a kite and a surfboard riding 50 waves a day, or traveling off to some warm turquiose waters on some remote group of islands swapping stories with your buddies after a epic session.

Ground School—3 Hour Class — LEVEL 0 - This is your very 1st step and starting point into the sport of kitesurfing

$250 bring a friend for $100................. PAY CASH AND SAVE $20

Here is your chance to try out and decide if Kiteboarding is a sport you really want to do in a safe and fun enviroment under the instruction of a Certified Experienced Professional Instructor. Our PASA certified kiteboarding instructors use Proven Teaching Methods and teach you a variety of techniques that will get you on the water in no time and save you money.

Learn the basics and what are good conditions, Safety concerns, different types of equipment explained, how kiting works and fly a real true inflatable kite just like the ones you see in the water (but smaller) and all while your feet are safely planted on the ground. Learn how to steer the kite, relaunching, one handed flying, board start ect.. All of this will accelerate your learning curve VERY quickly saving you big money and time when your ready on water lessons. It is alot of fun so try it today!!!

Basics of Kiteboarding
• Wind Theory and Wind Window
• Weather Conditions & Choosing a Kite Location
• Kite Setup with a Real 4-Line Inflatable Kite
• Flying Techniques and Skills
• Safety and Hand Signals
• Rider Responsibility and Safety
• Have Fun and Fly

Safety for yourself and the public.The kites used to kiteboard can be dangerous in the hands of a person lacking instruction. Most spectators don't realize how much power a kite can generate. We can take you from "wanting to kiteboard" and turn you into a "Proficient KITEBOARDER".

1. Safety: Proper Lessons Make Kiteboarding a Safer Experience
for Yourself and Those around You
2. Your Learning Experience: Quickest Way to Get on the Water is to Take Our Kiteboarding Lessons
3. Money: Use Our Equipment for Lessons to Make Sure This is the Right Sport for You before You Purchase the Equipment
4. Trash Someone Else's Gear: Use School Equipment instead of Damaging Your New Equipment
5. Meet Other Kiteboarders: Our Kiteboarding Lessons Allow You to Meet Others That You Can Practice with
6. Get Cheaper Gear: Great Beginner Packages with Discounts on Equipment
7. Knowledge: Kiteboarding Lessons Teach You Valuable Knowledge
8. Learn in Safe Conditions: You will Learn at a Beginner-Safe Beach
9. Try out Different Gear: Try Out Our Gear before Purchasing Your Own
10. Peace of Mind: With Our Kiteboarding Lessons a instructor is there to help at All Times


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