2 Day Course * Zero to Hero *

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90% of all students take 2 days of lessons so why not save money and buy our 2 Day Course instead.

This course is spread over 2 days and includes our famous and most popular 1 Day Learn to Kiteboard 5 Hour Class and now this 2 day class include a 3 hour board riding lesson plus we cover how to be self sufficient to get you out and riding all on your own! 

This lesson is private and One on One with the Instructor with all gear provided.  We do offer a group discount if you bring a Friend! Bring someone with you for an additional $400.

A all in one package deal from bare bones beginner kiter to up and riding a kiteboard in 2 days!

This class is for the Serious Student who wants to learn quickly while saving some serious money. This course is Focused, Intense and Designed to get you up and riding quickly and efficiently. This includes a advanced ground school class on dry land with an actual kite in a standard harness just like being in the water, not some junky foil stunt kite like every other school except us!

Once mastered we take your newly learned skills into the water on a larger kite and build upon them with the water lesson. Here you will learn how to relaunch the kite off the water, body drag to your board when you fall off, how to get up on a board and how to self rescue yourself for those unforseen emergencies. Then we cover riding techniques and how to ride upwind so your not walking back up the beach every ride. Book it today and save now.

Whats Included:

  • 9 hours of total training 80% of time spent flying a kite!!
  • Ground school trainer kite advanced course
  • basics of kiteboarding
  • Water lesson
  • Board Riding lesson
  • Intro into kite flying
  • beach safety
  • flying a 4 line kite
  • how to setup your gear
  • safety systems
  • water relaunching
  • body dragging
  • board recovery
  • How to ride a board upwind
  • skills for you to practice on your own
  • self rescues and more......


IMPORTANT: You only receive the cash discount price if paying with cash. All other forms of payment are at regular rate. A discount or refund will not be given for those that have taken a ground school and wish to take a water lesson and did not purchase this package. This offer is only valid as a package deal.

credit voucher will be given if wind and weather does not cooperate, no refunds.