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Located in Longview Washington on the beautiful Columbia River we are blessed with the best of both worlds, wind, waves and flat water.    

Our Main beach for kiteboard lessons is a awesome spot named Jones Beach.  Jones Beach is 20 min from Longview, Wa. and is famous for Windsurfing were it rightly earned the nicknamed Nuclear Alley for its high and steady winds.  Jones Beach is rated the best place to learn to kiteboard in the entire Gorge!!  Better than Hood River and NO CROWDS to worry about.  Tons of space for everybody and steady winds.

Why us over Hood River?  Easy: 

  • 100 times more space!
  • No crowds and less distractions
  • Enjoy Warmer Water
  • We got Warm Steady Trade Winds
  • Safe learning enviroment and conditions
  • Relaxed conditions with lots of wide open space, don't have to worry about someone running into you or you hitting somebody else.

Our Main beach for kiteboard lessons is Jones Beach 20 min from Longview, Wa.  Jones Beach is rated the best place to learn to kiteboard in the entire Gorge!!  Avoid the crowds in Hood River and come learn in shallow water with 3/4 mile of wide open sandy beach all to yourself  with steady winds. We can teach you and your family including kids and teenagers how to kiteboard in a fun and safe enviroment. Additionally, we are the only company within hundreds of miles that offers kiteboarding lessons on the Oregon Coast.

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2014 F-One Bandit 7

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Kiteboarding lessons are here!!! Come take a kiteboarding lesson in Seaside Oregon, at Jones Beach, kiteboarding in longview, Wa.  We are mobile and offer kiteboarding in oregon and kiteboarding in washington.  Take a kiteboard lesson in Kalama Washington, Astoria Oregon, Mazonita or Kiteboard in Cannon Beach.  Kitesurfing on the oregon coast is amazing and is year round....Even if the wind is light grab a surf board and kitesurf.  It is safe and fun for the whole family. 

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